Clark Electric Distribution Corporation’s (CEDC) current power supply is set to expire on 25 December 2019. Thus, CEDC urgently needs to procure power for the requirements of its captive customers in the next five (5) years starting 26 December 2019.

In order to promote fair competition in the procurement of power supply, DOE released Department Circular 2018-02-0003 entitled, “ADOPTING AND PRESCRIBING THE POLICY FOR THE COMPETITIVE SELECTION PROCESS IN THE PROCUREMENT BY THE DISTRIBUTION UTILITIES OF POWER SUPPLY AGREEMENT FOR THE CAPTIVE MARKET”. This mandates that all Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) shall be procured through Competitive Selection Process (CSP), in a manner specified under Section 5 which will be spearheaded by a Third-Party Bids and Awards Committee (TPBAC). In this regard, CEDC shall establish a TPBAC consisting of three (3) CEDC members and two (2) members coming from the captive customers through a selection process. As such, the two (2) representatives from the captive customers shall be composed of:

  1. A registered captive customer preferably with knowledge/experience in the fields of accounting, economics, finance, law and engineering; and
  2. A registered captive customer preferably with knowledge/experience in competitive public bidding.

The duties and responsibilities of the TPBAC members as stated in Section 5 of the DOE DC No. 2018-02-0003, among others are:

  1. to manage and spearhead the Competitive Selection Process (CSP) and;
  2. to be responsible for all aspects and stages of the bidding process.

Interested customers who wants to be part of the TPBAC are requested to accomplish the form and submit the documentary requirements on or before 19 August 2019 here at the CEDC office or send the response via e-mail at Forms may be downloaded via this link

If you have any questions or concerns on the foregoing, you may contact Ms. Jennylyn Bobiles or Mr. RJ David at (045) 599 3146 loc 125 or 126.