Information / Bill Payments

How do I contact Clark Electric Distribution Corporation?

Administrative Office : TelNo: (045)599-7091, FaxNo: (045) 599-3469

Billing & Collection: TelNo: (045) 599-7091

Customer Service: TelNo: (045) 599-3146

24/7 Hotline: TelNo: (045) 599-3146

Where can I pay my bill?

Customers may opt to  pay their bill at Clark Electric’s  Main Office located Bldg. N-2830 Bayanihan Street, Clark Freeport Zone. Payment hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Payments are also accepted through the following accredited banks where provisional receipts* shall be provided:

Banco De Oro (BDO) – Centennial Branch

Account No: 5730-1029-26

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) – Berthaphil II Branch

Account No: 1304-000-3321

Philippine National Bank- Clark Branch

Account No. : 3384-344-00013

Metro Bank – Clark Branch

Account No. : 377-7-377-01304-9

United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)-Clark Branch

Account No. : 248-100-484-5

MayBank – Clark Branch

Account No. : 00-014-50-0187-9

 (* – Official Receipts to be provided upon receipt of accredited banks’ payment report)

We may receive payment via courier service in the form of Cashier’s Check or Manager’s Check.

Clark Electric Distribution Corporation

Bldg. N-2830 Bayanihan Street,

Clark Freeport Zone,

Pampanga, 2023 Philippines

Where can I get a job application?

Applicant may contact our Human Resources department at (045) 599-7091.


Power Outages

Should I report about outages?

We have SCADA installed in our Operation’s office and we are aware of feeder line outages but we still need your call for reports on power outages for us to serve your needs.

Why so many questions when calling about an outage?

Clark Electric personnel would ask some questions like full name, complete address, telephone/cellphone number to have a contact person on the power outage site; specific concerns/trouble for the crew to be prepared on what the situation would be. Callers during outages are called back by the Customer Service staff once the power is restored for verification and further concerns. Information gathered from the caller helps a lot to fully address the concerns.

Why do I get those short outages?

Most of the outages are due to transients and during heavy rains especially with strong winds. Transients may be caused by birds flying to power lines and branches falling to power lines, lightning and other unexplainable causes.

Transients are momentary changes in voltage or current over a short period of time. Poor or loose connections in the distribution system can also generate transients. They may be caused by high winds, which can blow one power line into another or blow tree limbs into the lines causing arcing

Where can I report outages and other electrical problems?

To report power outages and electrical concerns or problems, you may call Clark Electric’s HOTLINE NUMBER at (045) 599-3146


Unbundled Bill

What is Distribution Charge? Supply Charge? Metering Charge?

Distribution Charge covers the cost of developing, building, operating and maintaining the distribution system, which brings power from high voltage transmission grids, to commercial and industrial establishments and to residential end-users.

Supply Charge covers the cost of rendering service to customers, such as customer assistance, billing, collection, power sourcing and other related services.

Metering Charge covers the cost of reading, operating and maintaining power metering facilities and associated equipment, as well as other costs attributed to the provision of metering service.

What is Generation charge?

Is the composite cost of power generated and sold to Clark Electric by the power generator.  In the case of Clark Electric, San Miguel Energy Corporation is the power generator.

What is Transmission charge?

Transmission charges is the composite cost of delivery of electricity from San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC) to Clark Electric’s substation by National Grid Power Corporation (NGCP).

What is Universal charge?

This is a pass-through charge remitted to the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM) corporations, owned and controlled by the government, and created by the R.A. 9136. Three of these are now in your bill, i.e. Missionary Electrification, Environmental Charge for watershed rehabilitation and management and Stranded Contractual Cost of NPC.

Bill and Collection

What happens to my bill if I pay after the due date?

Accounts paid after due date will bear a surcharge or penalty of 1% per month, imposing the Penalty First policy.

When will my line be disconnected after I receive a discount order?

We will disconnect electric power service to your premises unless full payment is made on your total overdue accounts as of the time of payment after 48 hours after receipt of the discount order.

Can the meter readers and/or lineman accept my payment in behalf of CEDC?

No, our meter readers and /or linemen cannot accept payment in behalf of Clark Electric.

What is a bill deposit?

For the establishment of credit, residential and non-residential electricity customers shall submit a bill deposit to guarantee payment of bills. The amount of the bill deposit shall be equivalent to the estimated monthly billing. Provided that after one (1) year when the actual average monthly bills are more or less than the initial bill deposit, such deposit shall be correspondingly increased/decreased to approximate said billing. Distribution Utilities (DUs) shall pay interest on bill deposits equivalent to the prevailing interest rate for savings deposit as approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).The interests shall be credited yearly to the bills of the customer on the anniversary of the commencement of service. The bill deposit shall be refunded within one month from the termination of service provided all bills have been paid and all bill deposit refund requirements are complete.

What are the requirements for reconnection of service?

An applicant, who previously has been a customer of the DU and had lost satisfactory credit, must first pay any unpaid billed amounts from previous service plus the relevant deposit requirement to re-establish credit.  A customer who is subject to disconnection/termination and who requests continuation of service shall be required to first pay any unpaid billed amounts and reconnection fee. The customer’s bill deposit shall be re-imposed and/or adjusted in accordance with his average monthly bill for the preceding year.

Connection and Electrical Service

How do I apply for an electric service connection?

An applicant must accomplish the Clark Electric Application Form and submit the necessary requirements (as per documentation requirements listing) for new electric service connection.

Where can I apply for an electric service?

Customers may apply at Clark Electric office located at N-2830 Bayanihan Street, Clark Freeport Zone. Service hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Clark Electric personnel will be more than happy to assist.

My line was disconnected, when can I apply for reconnection?

Customers/Locators can only apply for reconnection after settlement of all power billing arrears and other Electrical service obligation from Clark Electric.

What do I do if I would like to terminate my electric service connection?

A written letter of request addressed to the Head of Customer Retail Service expressing intention of power disconnection or termination must be sent presented to the office.

What is a Certificate of Electrical Inspection (CEI)?

This is a document issued by Clark Development Corporation (CDC). This is to ensure that the electrical installation to the buildings or premises have been inspected and conformed to the provision of the latest edition of the Philippine Electrical Code.

Why should I pay a bill deposit?

A bill deposit is required from customers by distribution utilities of new and/or additional service to guarantee payment of your monthly bills. It is equivalent to the estimated billing of the customer for one (1) month consumption or is the total load scheduled to be connected base on submitted electrical plan for new application.