Account Information

Account Name and Billing Address
The account holder’s name and the address where the bill is delivered.

Account Number
This is a distinct number assigned to each customers of CEDC when applying for a new account.

Meter Serial No.
This is the number used to identify your meter.

Connection Type
This refers to the consumer’s type of service.

Transaction Type
This indicates if your account is exempted from VAT or not.

Feeder No.
This is the particular distribution line as to where your account is connected.


Bill Information

Bill Month and Billing Period
This is the period covered from which the electric service is being billed

Reading Date
This corresponds to the date when your meter was read.  This will also determine the end date of your billing period.

Due Date
The date by which the total current amount due should be settled in order to avoid disconnection of service and/or penalties.

Previous Reading
This refers to the reading on the meter on the previous period.

Present Reading
This refers to the reading on the meter for the current period.

The factor by which a given reading must be multiplied to obtain the equivalent kilo-watt hour usage for the particular month.

KWh Used
This is your electricity usage for the billing period. This is done by subtracting your previous month meter reading from your present month meter reading and then multiplying it with the multiplier.

FORMULA: kWh Used = (Present Reading – Previous Reading) * Multiplier


Bill Summary

Generation Charge
This refers to the pass-through cost of power generated and sold to the distribution utility by the generation companies. This amount is remitted to generation companies and the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

Transmission Charge
This refers to the regulated pass-through cost for the use of a transmission system, and the delivery of electricity from power plants to the distribution grid. This amount is remitted to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

System Loss
This refers to the recovery of power lost due to line loss and other forms of energy loss. This cost is collected by CEDC and is remitted to Generation Companies (SMEC, WESM) and Transmission Company (NGCP).

Distribution Charge
This is the regulated cost of construction, operating and maintaining the distribution system, which brings power from high voltage transmission grids, to commercial/ industrial establishments and to residential end users.

Metering Charge
This is the cost of metering, operation and maintenance of power metering facilities

Supply Charge
This includes the cost of rendering service to customers, such as, billing, collection, customer assistance and related services.

This includes the Preferential Assessment Rate and other adjustments (if any).

Bill Adjustment
This includes interest earned on Bill Deposits of customers and/or adjustments due to meter reading errors.

Universal Charges
This refers to the charge, if any, imposed for the recovery of stranded debts, stranded contract costs of NPC, and other mandated purposes. This cost is remitted to the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM). This charge includes Missionary Electrification, Environmental Fund, NPC Stranded Contract Cost and Renewable Energy Development.

Total Current Amount Due
This is the total amount you need to pay for the current billing month indicated in the bill.

Total Arrears
This reflects your remaining unpaid balance from the previous billing.

Total Amount Due
This refers to the aggregated cost of your current charges and unpaid balance (if any) from the previous billing under your account.

Monthly Electric Consumption Chart
This bar chart illustrates your 12-month historical electricity consumption.

Disconnection Notice
This informs you of your outstanding unpaid electricity bill.

Notice to Customer
This portion of the bill indicates information regarding the billing payments and other related particulars (if any).

Bill Inquiry Form