Clark Electric Distribution Corporation is the sole electric distribution company in the Clark Special Economic Zone through its three substations with a total capacity of 131 MVA. Its present distribution network consists of 1,370 distribution transformers, 130.75 circuit- km linear length of primary lines and 56.17 circuit-km linear length of secondary lines.  It is a joint venture between Angeles Electric Corp. and The Manila Electric Company, also known as MERALCO, the Philippines' largest distributor of electrical power. Our supply rates are one of the lowest in Luzon.  Clark Electric has been providing electrical services since 1997 and currently serves more than 1,000 customers, consisting of mostly large industrial companies.


To be one of the leading smart electric utilities of choice, providing the best value in energy products and services to our customers, and be a major catalyst for the nation’s progress.


We are committed to our stakeholders by providing efficient, adequate and reliable electric service at reasonable cost.

We are committed to be at the forefront of all process and technology innovation.

We are dedicated to work with passion, integrity, and professionalism for the continual growth of the organization within and beyond the Freeport Zone.


Customer Service, Performance, Accountability-Empowerment, Integrity-Transparency, Makabayan, Malasakit


Passion in knowing and understanding our customers and responding to their needs, with the objective of ensuring total customer satisfaction and loyalty because we believe that our customers are our reason for being.
Creating and enhancing value for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve). Proactively seeking and implementing opportunities that drive and sustain higher levels of organizational performance and growth, cost-effectiveness and efficient delivery of services. Organizational agility, a sense of urgency and creativity are key to achieving these.
Accepting responsibility, assuming ownership and taking full accountability for all our actions, whether decisions or behaviors in the delivery of services and management of resources, in our public and private spheres in whatever level we are in the organization.
Faithfully and fully living up to all responsibilities and obligations as employees of a power and energy company; behaving at all times in accordance with ethical and corporate governance standards.
Harmonious collaboration, synergy and motivation among our people at all level and across all activities; moving with a greater sense of purpose and sharing responsibility for the Company’s success towards “One Meralco”.
Commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of the Filipino people by doing our share in the interest of nation-building and undertaking high-impact initiative that support and contribute to the economic and social development of the Country.
Identifying ourselves with the Company; giving total dedication and commitment to Meralco as exemplified by performing our very best in every endeavour; with great concern for the Company, its resources and its stakeholders – customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve.